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Monday, 8 September 2014

Cult of the All Seeing Eye - Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Kabbalist Sabbatean Frankists


Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Kabbalist Sabbatean Frankists
also referred to as the Cult of the All-Seeing Eye are everywhere. 

Everywhere where there is power. 
Infiltration is their modus operandi. 
Jacob Frank [1726-1791], the leader of the Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Sabbatean/Frankists, proclaimed himself to be the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi the living Messiah. If it is possible to have evil personified, 
Jacob Frank represented evil at its absolute worst. 
Not even Sabbatai Zevi was as evil as Frank and his disciples.
It was the Satanic Kabbalistic leadership that handpicked Jacob Frank to 
develop the teaching begun by Sabbatai Zevi and to indoctrinate 
Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt. 
This alliance of Frank-Rothschild-Weishaupt 
formed an unholy trinity.

1. THEOLOGY: Jacob Frank was in charge of creating a Satanic theology that would be the foundation for revolutions.

2. BANKING: Mayer Amschel Rothschild was in charge of world banking.

3. REVOLUTION: Illuminati Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was in charge of the Satanic revolutionary political development in the world.

Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Sabbatean/Frankists have infiltraited 
the upper levels of Judaism, Cathoicism, and Islam worldwide. 
This same Frankist hetero or Sodomic hierogamy or Ritual Sex, 
existed in Pagan fertility worship and was also popular in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, which led to their downfall and eventual captivity. 
Frank reworked the concept of Tzvi's Sabbatean 
" Messiah who sins
in encouraging adherents of the movement to engage in sin, 
with the logic that if salvation could be attained through holiness from sin, 
it could also be achieved through indulging in sinfulness. 
Thus, the practices of the Frankists consist of orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rituals. 
Jacob Frank taught "holiness through sin" and that "good" would 
come through the triumph of Evil. What was prohibited 
would be allowed including adultery, incest and pedophilia. 
Witchcraft and satanic rituals were introduced with animal and human sacrifices. 
Jacob Frank reversed the truth. "Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners." 
"To ascend one must first descend.   
No man can climb a mountain until 
he has first descended to its foot. 
Therefore we must descend and be 
cast down to the bottom rung, 
for only then can we climb to the infinite. 
No region of the human soul can remain 
untouched by this struggle." 
"I did not come into this world to lift you up 
but rather to cast you down to the bottom of the abyss. 
The descent into the abyss requires not only the rejection 
of all religions and conventions, but also the commission of ‘strange acts,’ 
and this in turn demands the voluntary abasement [degradation
of one’s own sense of self, so that libertinism [no morality] 
and the achievement of that state of utter shamelessness which leads 
to a tikkun of the soul are one and the same thing.” Inspired by Satan, 
he wrote the doctrine of the Antichrist which permitted orgiastic, 
sexually promiscuous rites – incest, 
rape and sexual intercourse with children,
 including sodomy on young boys. 
Lucifer was declared the “true god”. 

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